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Understanding Slot Paylines in Detail

What Are Paylines and How Are They Different from Reels?

Paylines in a slot game aren’t the same as reels. Paylines are one or several lines that stretch from the left to the right across the reels. To make a win, identical symbols are required to land on the same payline, usually as a minimum of 3, adjacent to each other starting from the first reel. Reels, on the other hand, are the vertical (and sometimes horizontal) arrangement of symbols in the grid. They must be spun for a payline to appear.

The Working Mechanism of Slot Paylines

Slot paylines function simply. Inside a slot grid, they can be arranged in a horizontal, vertical, diagonal, or any pattern the game developer sees fit. Paylines can appear on the same reel or run across multiple reels, and they directly impact the payout.

Adjustable Paylines vs. Fixed Paylines: A Comparison

Slots can have either adjustable paylines or fixed paylines. Adjustable paylines let you choose a specific number of paylines to bet on out of the total, while slots with fixed paylines have rigid rules. In this comparison table, we discuss the differences:

Adjustable Paylines vs Fixed Paylines

  • Adjustable paylines allow players to change the number of paylines before spinning the reels, while fixed paylines do not provide this option.
  • In adjustable slots, a $1 bet on 5 paylines of a 10-payline slot will be divided across the 5 selected paylines. In contrast, a $1 bet on a slot with 10 fixed paylines will be divided across all 10 paylines.
  • The playing structure and format of the slot vary in adjustable paylines, while in fixed paylines, they are constant.

Adjusting the Number of Paylines in a Slot

To adjust the number of paylines in a slot that allows for it, you’ll see a feature on the dashboard marked as “paylines” or “betlines”. Using the “+” and “-” buttons, you can change the numbers of paylines you want to bet on.

Adjustable Paylines or Fixed Paylines: Which is Better?

When it comes to comparing fixed and adjustable paylines in slots in terms of profitability, none is better or worse than the other. It all boils down to the personal preferences of players.

Activating All Adjustable Paylines: A Good Strategy?

While you can bet on as many paylines as you want, limiting your options reduces the possibilities of landing a win regardless of the paylines you choose. Therefore, slots are best enjoyed with all the paylines activated.

How Adjusting Paylines Affects Other Aspects of the Game

  • Adjusting paylines has no effect on a slot’s RTP.
  • The House Edge of a slot remains the same regardless of how many paylines you choose.
  • Adjusting slot paylines impacts Hit Frequency. The fewer paylines you choose, the higher would be the slot’s volatility.
  • The paytable of a slot game remains the same whether or not you adjust the number of paylines.
  • The number of paylines is directly proportional to the maximum possible win. The more, the bigger.
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