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The Evolution of Slot Providers: From Land-Based to Online

The Pre-Internet Era: Limited Choices

Once upon a time when there was no Internet, people who would play slots in land-based casinos did not really pay attention to the name of the slot provider. Truth be told, there weren’t as many providers as there are today, and the offer of slot games was not so huge either.

The Rise of Online Casinos and Slot Providers

However, it all started to change with the first online casino and the rapid Internet expansion across the globe. Suddenly, there arose this enormous need for new and different video slots, and users on the web were hungry for fresh content, which paved the way for many companies that have emerged in a very short period of time. Just like with every other industry, online slot providers either succeeded or failed, but only a few have managed to preserve the quality of their games.

Active and Inactive Slot Providers: A Comprehensive List

We compiled a comprehensive list of both active and inactive slot providers. Feel free to examine both lists, and make sure to scroll down and read more about the most popular land-based and online slot developers nowadays.

Land-Based vs. Online Slot Developers: A Comparative Analysis

Both land-based and online slots have certain advantages and disadvantages, but if we were to choose the better option at the moment, we would definitely go for online slots.

Land-Based Slots: A Unique Atmosphere

The main advantage of land-based slots is clearly the atmosphere that casinos offer. The sounds of smooth music, people chattering, and slots clinking is a unique sensation that every slot lover should experience.

Online Slots: Diversity and High Competition

On the other hand, online slots are much more diverse since they offer thousands of titles that suit everyone’s taste. Furthermore, the competition between online slot developers is on a much higher level, resulting in amazing slot games which are overall more generous than slots at land-based casinos.

The Main Difference: Number of Players per Slot

However, if we were to point out the main difference between the two, it is undoubtedly the number of players that can play one slot at the same time. You see, when you enter a casino and take hold of a slot machine, nobody else can play it except for you. On the other hand, it is possible that hundreds of players simultaneously play the same video slot at an online casino.

Land-Based and Online Developers: A Closer Look

It follows that there are significantly more online slot developers than those who make land-based slots. In fact, nobody actually focuses exclusively on making land-based slots anymore, as even the developers that existed before the Internet era are now adapting their offer to online slot players. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular land-based and online developers!

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