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Since 1999, “Igrosoft” has established itself as the premier Russian developer of software and boards for slot machines. With years of experience, they’ve tailored their game programs to the unique aspects of the Russian market.

In recent times, “Igrosoft” has prioritized the adaptation of their games for online platforms, leveraging the most up-to-date Internet technologies.

Even though they have not yet reached worldwide recognition in the online casino realm, Igrosoft stands as a renowned brand in Russia. They’re recognized as one of the top players in this market and have also expanded their influence in neighboring nations.

Initially, the company gained fame for producing boards that integrated into slot machines. But, similar to many other manufacturers dedicated to land-based casinos, their focus has been shifting online.

Presently, there might not be an abundance of unique features that make Igrosoft distinct from its competitors. However, they’re on a constant journey of innovation. Dive into what Igrosoft brings to the table and what to anticipate when incorporating their games into your casino setup.


While Igrosoft has a legacy of crafting gaming boards and video slots, their product range isn’t vast. As of now, they present 18 casino games. Their software is built on Flash technology, which may lead to potential hiccups for mobile users. But a notable strength of Igrosoft slots lies in their variety. You can find protagonists ranging from fruits and animals to humans.

Delving deeper, the gameplay also offers rich diversity. Leveraging cutting-edge tech and diverse mathematical models, they’ve birthed slots with varying reel configurations and win lines.

A point to critique is their limited game collection. They lack offerings in table games, live games, or mini-games—favorites among many gamblers. Despite these shortcomings, Igrosoft retains a significant place in the Russian market. If your platform draws substantial traffic from Russia, integrating Igrosoft can be a strategic move. Such an inclusion will undoubtedly be welcomed by your clientele.

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