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When diving into the annals of gambling, we stumble upon many characters who have used their wit and cunning to swindle casinos for quick cash. Be it in traditional casinos or in online betting, these shrewd fraudsters have always found a way to exploit the system. However, it is crucial to emphasize that all top-tier online slots are meticulously engineered, thoroughly audited by external entities, and adhere strictly to regulatory standards, making them almost impossible to cheat.

This article unfolds some common, and not so common, deceptive strategies used to cheat casinos. It’s important to note that these tactics are illegal and could have severe consequences.

Masters of Deception: Past Posters and Card Counters

The most notable among cheating methods is ‘Past Posting’, where gamblers place bets after the results are somewhat known. Often used in roulette, this strategy requires exceptional skills in misdirection and sleight of hand.

Another widespread cheating technique is ‘Card Counting’, often glorified in Hollywood movies like ‘The Hangover’ and ’21’. Card counters keep a mental track of the dealt cards to anticipate the future ones. Although not illegal, casinos would ban suspected card counters instantly.

The Art of Cunning: The Savannah Move and Card Marking

Concocted by notorious cheat Richard Marcus, the ‘Savannah Move’ is an ingenious ploy where a gambler feigns drunkenness to trick the dealer. The gambler places a high-value chip underneath a low-value chip, only to retract the high-value chip later, reducing their loss.

‘Card Marking’, prevalent in poker games, involves subtle alterations on the card’s back to distinguish high-value ones. Advanced technology enables cheats to use special invisible inks, visible only with special glasses or contact lenses.

The Art of Collaboration: Collusion and Rogue Dealers

‘Collusion’ refers to a tactic where two or more players conspire to win a game, usually poker. Signals and cues are passed to share information about their hands or their next move. Online poker has seen a surge in such cases, though advanced software can detect and prevent continuous collusion.

In some cases, gamblers collaborate with shady casino employees. Cases have been reported where players colluded with blackjack dealers or roulette croupiers to rig games.

Courtsiding: An Unconventional Approach

A unique form of cheating, or strategy (depending on one’s perspective), ‘Courtsiding’ capitalizes on the time delay in updating live betting odds. One accomplice at a live tennis match communicates the score instantly to another who places bets before the live odds update.

While not illegal, this method is considered unethical. It’s often applied to less popular tennis matches, featuring slower umpires, or even other sports, though the degree of difficulty is much higher.

The Power of Technology: Hacking Into the System

Some sophisticated fraudsters use their technical knowledge to hack into gambling systems. In a renowned case, Reid McNeal hit a $100,000 Keno jackpot after his friend Ron Harris, working for the Nevada Gaming Control Board, exploited software flaws and instructed McNeal how to trigger the jackpot.

While these stories might fascinate, we reiterate that cheating in gambling is illegal and can lead to severe legal consequences. Always remember to play responsibly and enjoy the thrill that gambling offers, ethically.

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