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Fortune 6 Baccarat Live Game Review

Core Baccarat Gameplay

Fans of baccarat’s core gameplay will be glad to know that Pragmatic Play has retained the traditional elements in their release. The familiar gameplay is captured beautifully using 4K cameras and runs smoothly across platforms thanks to HTML5 technology.

Each round begins with players betting on whether the player or banker will win. The winning side is the one that immediately forms an eight or nine. If neither side achieves these values, the hand closest to them wins. If necessary, a third card is drawn. If your hand total exceeds nine, the first digit is removed. That means a hand with a thirteen score is only worth three points.

Pragmatic Play’s Fortune 6 Baccarat is available wherever their other live dealer games are. Players can interact with the host and other players through live chat. The RTP for the three main bets is consistent with other baccarat games.

Multiplay Mode

Pragmatic Play introduces a Multiplay mode for Fortune 6 Baccarat. This feature allows players to place simultaneous wagers on the Fortune 6 Baccarat table and other Speed Baccarat tables.

New Additions

Fortune 6 Side Bet

Fortune 6 Baccarat introduces exciting new side bets that revolve around the number six. The side bet from which this game derives its name, Fortune 6, aims for a six in the first three dealt cards. The payout increases if the second and third cards are also a six, with the maximum win being 120:1. This side bet has an RTP of 96.26%.

Player or Banker Fortune Pair

Another new addition is the Player or Banker Fortune Pair. These side bets win if the first two cards on the Player or Banker hand form a pair. The potential winnings from this side bet can reach up to 9:1. It has an RTP of 97.83%.

Player 6 and Banker 6

Lastly, the Player 6 and Banker 6 side bets pay when the corresponding hand scores a total of six and wins the hand. Player 6 offers a payout of up to 14:1 if the Player hand wins, and Banker 6 pays up to 16:1 if the Banker hand wins. The RTP for these side bets are 95.62% and 93.36% respectively.

Pragmatic Play has designed the game such that players can enjoy these side bets without necessarily playing the main bets. However, for maximum value per spin, the Banker bet still takes the lead.

Worth Playing?

Fortune 6 Baccarat brings a refreshing twist to the traditional baccarat game, with the introduction of exciting side bets. If you’re looking for classic baccarat gameplay with a touch of novelty, this game is definitely worth trying out. Its unique take on the baccarat formula does not resort to multipliers or extra rewards, making it a worthy recommendation for when it becomes available in live casinos.


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