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Flying Hippo Slot Review

Flying Hippo is a slot game developed by the well-known studio Pragmatic Play. Released on February 27, 2023, it has gained popularity among players for its thrilling engine and high-quality artwork. In this review, we will explore the main characteristics of Flying Hippo.

The Unique Theme: A Flying Pink Hippo

Flying Hippo has a unique and somewhat bizarre theme involving a flying pink hippo. This theme, while interesting, is somewhat below the usual standard expected from Pragmatic Play. It is said to be a LeoVegas exclusive. The graphics include a pinkish flying hippo that is reminiscent of the classic flying pink elephant hangover trope, but somewhat more intense.

Flying Hippo Slot Review

Gameplay and Features

Wilds and Tumble Mechanic

In Flying Hippo, players win by landing clusters of 5 to 25+ matching symbols anywhere on the 7×7 grid. These symbols can connect vertically or horizontally. The Tumble mechanic removes all winning symbols from the grid, and new symbols drop down to fill the gaps. A Wild symbol will spawn in one of the empty positions, and tumbles will continue as long as you keep winning. The Wild symbol helps to complete wins but holds no value of its own.

Wild Multipliers and Levels

The game includes a wild multiplier feature that is influenced by the level of the current spin. There are four levels:

  • Level 0: Wilds spawn without a multiplier (or sometimes an x2 multiplier).
  • Level 1: Wilds spawn with a multiplier of x2 or x3.
  • Level 2: Wilds spawn with a multiplier of x3, x4, x5, or x6.
  • Level 3: Wilds spawn with a multiplier of x3, x4, x5, or x6.

Once you reach Level 3, you receive two colossal 2×2-sized Wilds with random multipliers attached. The wild collection feature stops after level 3. Multipliers are added together if more than one wild is part of the same win.

RTP and Potential Winnings

Flying Hippo has a top-tier 93.99% RTP which is a bit lower compared to other slot games. It also offers up to 5,000x potential winnings.

Review Summary

Flying Hippo, despite coming from an experienced developer like Pragmatic Play, seems to have missed the mark. Its RTP of 93.99% is below average and the game overall feels half-baked. The gameplay is sluggish and lacks engaging features. While the theme is unique, it is not enough to make this game recommendable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the RTP of Flying Hippo slot game?

Flying Hippo has an RTP of 93.99%, which is somewhat below average compared to other slot games.

What are the special features in Flying Hippo?

Flying Hippo offers a Tumble mechanic, Wild symbols, and a wild multiplier feature with different levels that enhance your winnings. Once you reach level 3, you receive two colossal 2×2-sized Wilds with random multipliers.

What is the theme of Flying Hippo slot game?

Flying Hippo features a unique theme with a flying pink hippo as the central character. The graphics and visuals are reminiscent of the classic flying pink elephant hangover trope.


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