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Classic Blackjack Gold Game Review

Classic Blackjack Gold is a unique spin on the original game by Microgaming. Some variations might seem tricky initially, but soon you will adapt to the refreshed format and enjoy a rich gaming experience.

Classic Blackjack Gold Game Review

If you’re well-acquainted with the traditional blackjack rules, understanding Classic Blackjack Gold won’t be a massive leap. Still, it can be challenging to comprehend initially. Hence, it’s recommended to play the free play version initially to become accustomed to this blackjack variant’s format.

Rules of Classic Blackjack Gold

Classic Blackjack Gold is arguably one of the best ways to experience blackjack online. The game is accessible on mobile platforms and uses a single deck of cards.

The game allows splitting of cards, but similar to the original blackjack rules, it’s permissible only with pairs. Once you split, doubling down afterwards isn’t allowed.

While playing this blackjack variant, you’ll find that the dealer must stand on 17s. In case both you and the dealer hold hands of equal value, or both have blackjack, then it’s a push, and your original bet is returned to you. This game doesn’t offer the option to surrender, but you do have the opportunity to place insurance bets.

Wagering in Classic Blackjack Gold

Betting ranges in Classic Blackjack Gold span from 1 to $200, meaning the maximum bet can reach up to $200. The game offers multiple chip values providing a great deal of variety for the players.

Regarding pay-outs, Blackjacks are valued at 3/2, standard wins at 1/1, and Insurance pays at 2/1. With an RTP of over 99%, the house edge isn’t significant in the long run.

Graphics and Gameplay

Much like the popular original version of the game, the gameplay of Classic Blackjack Gold is straightforward. However, this variant is more polished and refined. There are no distractions, meaning all efforts can be focused on winning against the dealer.

The chips are positioned on the bottom left corner and can be easily switched through, while a gentle female voice guides you when to play and bet. All game actions are carried out efficiently and without complications.

Winning Strategy for Classic Blackjack Gold

The traditional blackjack strategies apply here as well. For example, place insurance bets when the dealer’s first card is an ace, or split your hands to get better cards. These strategies are fairly basic.

A common strategy would be to stand when you’ve got a hard hand of 17-21. This can often be a worthwhile decision. Furthermore, you can also stand when you have a soft 19-21. If you’re dealt a pair of fives, you should split and double down if the dealer shows any card between 2 and 9. However, if the dealer has an Ace or 10, you should hit.


Though Classic Blackjack Gold might seem challenging at first, it’s highly rewarding and enjoyable once you become familiar with it. It’s advisable to play the free demo version for about an hour before betting real money, but the pace is up to you.

Based on this Classic Blackjack Gold review, it’s evident that this game is more entertaining than the regular Classic Blackjack. The addition of enhanced visuals, a high RTP, and a wide stake range are truly enticing. The game’s visuals are designed for a quality gaming experience, and the pay-outs are standard. While playing, you might need to take risks, but the potential reward and enjoyment could be well worth your time.

Microgaming is a globally renowned gaming software developer. The company has garnered significant popularity and respect due to its development of highly entertaining, captivating, innovative, and lucrative casino games like Classic Blackjack Gold.

In this review, we have explored everything players need to know before beginning their gaming adventure.

This game offers an RTP of 99.91 per cent, ranking it as one of the most profitable casino games!

About the Game

Although Classic Blackjack Gold by Microgaming bears similarities to other blackjack variations, it also has unique aspects. The objective of the game is to beat the dealer by outscoring him in terms of card count, getting a natural, or making the dealer pick additional cards, causing him to exceed 21. The dealer, like in other blackjack games, stands on 17.

While the game resembles other blackjack games in terms of the basics, it does diverge in terms of game specifications.

Only one deck of cards is used in this game. The double down option can only be used on the first 2 cards. The double down feature can only be used once per hand. Players only have two opportunities to split the cards.


What is the maximum bet in Classic Blackjack Gold?

The maximum bet in Classic Blackjack Gold can reach up to $200.

What is the Return to Player (RTP) percentage for Classic Blackjack Gold?

The Return to Player (RTP) percentage for Classic Blackjack Gold is 99.91%, making it one of the most profitable casino games.

Can I play Classic Blackjack Gold on mobile devices?

Yes, Classic Blackjack Gold is mobile-friendly and can be played on both Android and iOS devices.

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