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Boom City Live Game Review

The Latest Live Casino Games Revolution

The universe of live casino games is witnessing a major boost like never before, and Pragmatic Play is now rivaling Evolution with its latest launch: the Boom City Live Game. This exciting new addition takes place in a fashionable game show-like studio. Players are provided with 10 seconds to place their bets on various positions across a 6×6 grid. On average, each round takes about 25 seconds, but this can extend if one of the four bonus features is triggered.

Every round is determined by a physical dice roll. The good news is you can chat with both other players and the live host as you play. Boom City Live Game is available 24/7, streaming in low-latency 4K quality. The ideal outcome is to get a Power Up boost first, followed by one of the three bonus features. This combination can lead to significant prizes. With a 20,000x potential, Boom City Live Game can be highly engaging at all stages.

Boom City Live Game

How to Play: Boom City Live Game Features

As the game commences, you will place your bet on individual bet multiplier squares and/or bonus squares on the 6×6 grid. Each position on the grid corresponds to a possible outcome from the dice roll. The golden die determines the vertical outcome, while the blue die guides the horizontal outcome.

If a ‘bust’ icon (red square with black cross) is the outcome, the round is lost. Bet multiplier positions offer cash values of 1x, 2x, or 5x your stake, and they pay out accordingly. Given these are smaller prizes, betting on bonus positions is also recommended.

The game offers four different bonus positions you can bet on:

Power Up Feature

The Power Up feature turns bust symbols into 1x prizes, while also increasing the value of other cash prize positions. It can even boost the value of other bonus features. After activating Power Up, you get a free dice roll to see if you win any of the enhanced prizes or features.

Dice Battle

Dice Battle involves guessing which die will accumulate the largest amount in three rolls. You pick the blue or golden die upfront, and the value of each outcome contributes to the total for each die. If you win, you’ll benefit from both the winning and losing bet multipliers. If you choose the losing die, you receive that multiplier alone.

Boom or Bust Feature

The Boom or Bust feature takes place on a new 6×6 grid with multiple levels, each containing multiplier prizes and bust icons. You progress by landing on the bet multiplier prizes, while hitting a bust icon ends the bonus round. As you reach new levels, the ‘safety value’ increases, ensuring you don’t leave this feature completely empty-handed.

Lucky Drop Feature

Finally, the Lucky Drop feature occurs on yet another 6×6 grid, and each column corresponds to three die outcomes. After selecting a column, the dice will roll six times. Each dice roll that matches your pre-selected column increases the multiplier prize. The bet multiplier is applied at the end to determine your prize.

Boom City Live Review Summary

Boom City Live has all it takes to be a hit among live game enthusiasts. You can enjoy top-notch low-latency video streaming from the 4K cameras. The game show format is highly engaging, and you can interact with the live host, as well as other players, via the chat box. Regular cash prizes keep players engaged, and betting on bonuses is a must for larger payouts.

Spreading your bets can be a strategic move, and each of the three bonus rounds are quite thrilling in their unique way. The potential to win up to 20,000x your stake (capped at £/€500,000) is exciting, placing Boom City among the top 5 live games in terms of potential. This game is highly recommended for any live game fan, and it might even convert some live game fence sitters as well.


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